"You carry the best offerings of high quality teas. Our family has ordered our teas exclusively from Mark T. Wendell and Grace Rare Teas for decades because of the quality of your teas and your outstanding customer service. Many thanks to each and everyone from Mark T. Wendell for making our decades of experience with you so great!" B.T.

"Thank you for including the considerate note along with the sample pack of, my favorite, Cloud and Mist.  I certainly understand the good logic of allowing individuals to buy a sample of whatever teas they might be interested in, and appreciate your sending the sampler to me, a proverbial “old dog” and longtime customer, and informing me of the new protocol. I appreciate your consistent, hands-on involvement in the business, and commend you on your energetic and open minded willingness to address any issues which might arise regarding customer concerns. It a pleasure doing business with you, and very much enjoy the tea’s I receive from Mark Wendell." R.R.

"I have been buying your teas for decades and have found no better selection and no company more responsive to their customers." B.A.

"I apologize for not writing in sooner, but I just wanted to thank you all at Mark T. Wendell! I ordered some tea for mother's day, admittedly cutting it pretty close. Not only did I get my order in time but there was a very nice card in the package. Thank you so much for the little detail. It is greatly appreciated and was recalled when I saw your logo this. I had though I written in earlier but hadn't. Thanks again so much!" M.K.

"My mom always enjoyed Hukwa tea every day and I am the same. And now my daughter Starts her morning drinking Hukwa too.. Three generations of Hukwa lovers!" E.G.

"I wanted to mention that this was my first time to try your Holiday Fruit & Spice tea - it's simply amazing! Thank you for continuing to produce teas so amazing that for one minute we can forget this difficult world." J.S.

"I just placed an order for refills as I have for over 30 years.  We were introduced to your tea when we lived in Champaign , Illinois and over the years have continued ordering and enjoying your teas.  While we enjoy your teas throughout the week, the one tradition my wife and I have enjoyed is our Sunday mornings with a pot of one of the Grace teas.  In this very unsettling time we are living through, setting down with a cup of your tea is a comfort not to be missed. Thank you for providing a quality tea and great service.  It is truly appreciated." R.B.

"I always purchase tea from Mark T. Wendell, and have done so for over 20 years. Their teas are carefully selected, beautifully packaged, and fairly priced. Mark T. Wendell is part of an honored tea tradition that deserves loyal customers!" G.P.

"I’ve been buying Mark T. Wendell teas for at least 15 years. I lived in England as a young woman but, until I found Mark T. Wendell, I could not duplicate the wonderful tea drinking experience I had there. I raised my children on your Earl Grey. My daughter has graduated to Scottish Breakfast. My son married a young woman from Kenya and is a loyal Mountain Kenya drinker. Thank you so much for the high quality teas you continue to provide." S.E.

"Been drinking a blend of MTW teas for breakfast exclusively since the early 1990's. Nothing else comes close! Thanks for your high quality teas and teapots." C.W.

"I have been ordering tea from Mark T Wendell for over 25 years. The quality of the tea has always been superb! I hope to be able to order tea from you for another 25 years or more." D.H.

"I have to say that--before I even open the box, much less taste the tea--I'm already impressed! I want to complain to you that you've officially spoiled me for service! You shipped crazy fast, AND the post office didn't even lose it. I reckon you've found yourself a new addict!" M.F.

"Good morning! As I age, I find that I need to focus on smaller things, like a good cup of tea.  Thanks for your hard work and sending me many cups of joy!" K.W.

"We spoke yesterday regarding finding a particular tea to order. With your assistance I was able to place an order just after 1 PM yesterday and have it arrive at my door just after 1 PM today! People are often too quick to bash average customer service and too slow to really express appreciation for excellent customer service. With that being said, thank you for your help and your excellent customer service. Have a very Merry Christmas." C.B.

"After the shutdown of Tevana, had no clue where to get high-quality and unique teas from - that is, within one Company, even tried several stores in “Merry Olde England” - all to no avail as to what I was looking for - until I discovered, in my extensive search, Mark Wendell Tea’s - believe to be even better than Tevana. Is now my new addiction." B.T.

“I have been a satisfied customer for about twenty years, never disappointed in the quality or selection of tea. Have learned about, and experienced, teas I had never known existed. Thank you.” R.C.

“I’ve been drinking your tea for years. It’s the only place I get my tea from. I don’t even buy it at the supermarkets anymore.” F.Z.

“I stopped at a friend’s house for tea after a brisk walk in 2013, where I was served a cup of Hu-Kwa. I had never tasted another tea so smoky and delicious! My friend sent me home with enough Hu-Kwa to last till I could order and receive my first package from Mark Wendell. I have been a huge Hu-kwa fan ever since! I do love Wendell’s Earl Grey, too!”E.B.

“This third-generation happy consumer of your special Hu Kwa can report two generations after her also enjoy it.” S.V.

“I concur with many of your loyal fans - your teas are my tranquility, my “away from the maddening world” escape, each and every afternoon - tis my read and tea time, of which, so look forward to - my ‘saving grace’.” B. T.

“A neighbor in Northampton, Mass., invited me to tea in 1975. She served the best tea I had ever had. It was so good I asked her what kind of tea it was. She said Hu-Kwa. It was love at first taste. Since then I have lived in Texas, North Carolina, and now in the Hudson Valley of New York. In all those places, for 46 years, I have daily drunk Hu-Kwa tea, sometimes loose, sometimes in teabags, always for breakfast. It’s the only caffeinated beverage I now drink. I had an earth-colored Xi Ching teapot for years that I brewed my Hu-Kwa tea in every morning, but I broke it. I still miss it. Hu-Kwa is still delicious, however, no matter what teapot I make it in.” M.S.

"I am writing to thank you for making such wonderful tea. As a disabled Army veteran and mother to three young sons, I don’t often find easy, quick ways to unwind. Your teas help me to do just that. Your teas have helped me to successfully manage stress, anxiety and PTSD in a healthy way. Please let the people at your company know how much I appreciate the time and effort you all put into making your tea. You may not often get compliments or think your work makes a difference, but I am writing to let you know that indeed it does! Please keep up the great work! At the end of the day, just know there are those out there like myself who are stealing a much-needed quiet moment of peace with the fabulous tea you make.” -HAT

"Every tea I have received from Mark T. Wendell has been delicious and affordable, of the highest quality, and delivered promptly. The customer service, (provided by Hartley himself), was exceptional and very friendly. It’s extremely refreshing to see a business that cares so much about the product it’s selling, and the customer receiving said product. Thank you, guys, for all the work you do for us tea drinkers. Cheers!” -LB

"I have been happily drinking Mark T. Wendell tea for many years. It is the most reliable and reasonably priced source for loose leaf tea that I have found.” -KS

"I have been ordering your loose leaf black teas for a number of years and have found them superlative in every respect and in every order” -AL

"I have been a customer for over 25 years and have always been delighted with your service and the quality of your teas.”-DB

"Having lived in Kenya for some time, I found I missed the unique tea of the highlands. I was thrilled when a friend gave me a sample of the Mountain Kenya Tea as a birthday present. It is my favorite morning tea. However, Wendell Tea Company introduced me to some of the Oolong teas through samples, and they have become my favorite evening tea (especially a Red Oolong tea). Whenever I serve tea to my guests, I tell them about your company. Please keep up the good work.” -DR

"Best tea anywhere. I won’t buy my tea from anyone else! :)” -AK

"I love your teas and the opportunity to be able to buy the kinds of tea that I love and can’t find anywhere else. Thank you so much!” -PJ

"I have been ordering from you for ~ 45 years … ever since we discovered a tin of Hu-Kwa in my mother’s cupboard when I was about 8 and emptied it in short order. We did not know where it came from (must have been a gift to my mother), but I located you in the Yellow Pages. When I called, you sent me a tin with an invoice (no payment in advance) … and you have been there for me ever since! Thank you!” -CH

"I have been enjoying your tea for more than 20 years. Thank you. I wanted to tell you that I am a big fan of Ceylon Teas. Recently, while visiting friends in Ohio, we had a chance to order and try your Organic Ceylon (Blackwood Estate), and it knocked our socks off! Really a beautiful tea! It is everything a good Ceylon should be. We really loved it. Thank you! Of course, I still love the Cheericup as well. It is nice to have both! Thanks for the great tea and customer service.” -NW
"I am writing to tell you how very pleased I am with your teas! I have long been a fan of your Victorian Afternoon blend (and am selfishly pleased that it is no longer an exclusive Elizabethan Club blend and therefore much easier to order), so I recently ordered your Assam and Irish Breakfast teas, and they are both excellent. I don’t usually send fan letters, but you make a great product! Thank you!” -EO
"My supervisor at work introduced me to your teas over 20 years ago. I no longer work for that company, and he passed away a number of years ago. I owe him a lot for the things that he taught me about my career and all the technical experience and expertise that he shared with me. However, the thing that I appreciate most from him was letting me sample some of the teas that he purchased from MTW. I was hooked. Keep up the excellent work and keep providing your excellent teas and other products.” -JL
"I would like to say ‘thank you’ to you for your hassle-free policy regarding the replacement of my The de Chine tea pot. I have been a customer of Mark T. Wendell for many years and, after this fine experience with you, I will continue to order from your company for many more. Your service has been exemplary and I find that your product is some of the finest quality tea offered. Again, thank you for your assistance with the replacement part and for your great service.” -NA
"Since my first purchase with Mark T Wendell, I have never purchased tea from any other place. I have so many of your products, that I had to build an additional cabinet, just to store my teas and all my tea accessories.” -EGC
"Always an excellent product. Highly reliable delivery; often quicker than one could imagine. Just love the whole concept. The tea is marvelous.” -LPA
“I have been ordering tea from Mark T. Wendell for about 13 or 14 years now and I've had excellent service and an excellent product each and every time. I particularly like their old-fashioned, respectful approach to doing business which distinguishes them from other retailers.” -BH
"My first experience with this company was wonderful and the teas were excellent.” -JR
"I am so very impressed with the delivery of this order! I ordered it on the 11/11/05 and it arrived on 15/11/05. This was very fast considering it has come all the way from America, but to make it more amazing, once it has reached mainland UK, it then has to wait for the ferry which doesn’t sail every day, to get up to the islands off the West coast of Scotland. So, thank you! I was very, very happy with this service, and it was also in perfect condition. I will order from you again and recommend you to friends and family.” -PA
"I have been buying tea from Mark T. Wendell Tea Company for many years and have found it the best place in this country for fine teas. Not only (do) they provide the best quality and most reasonable prices, they are also customer friendly and give the feeling that they truly love their business and understand tea not only as a drink but also as a cultural component of many places and times. Keep up the good works. In this day and age of impersonal service and merchants chasing the easy bucks regardless of long-term customer satisfaction, M.T. Wendell is a shining light on the hill in Boston.” -HDR
"Thank you for a positive purchase experience. I got what I wanted, when I wanted, for the price I wanted, and how I wanted. What more could a consumer ask for?” -AS
"WOW! There you are with the product we wanted. No hassle. Quick ordering. Great navigation on your web site. Thanks!” -GL
"I have thoroughly enjoyed my ‘relationship’ with the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company, having become addicted to some of the teas I purchase from them that are unavailable anywhere else. Orders are always delivered in a timely manner, and in excellent condition. Thank You!!” -RK
"I’ve ordered tea for my husband and self and as gifts several times. Now that I am no longer allowed coffee - and have the convenience of online ordering - I shall definitely order more often. I’ve tried many varieties of tea, but none compare to Mark T. Wendell’s.” -LCJ
"Great company - great teas. This was my first order from the web, but I’ve been buying tea from them for years and it’s always good, and the ordering process uncomplicated. I’ve never found the same quality and quantity of tea in stores.” -LV
"Hu-Kwa tea was a huge part of my childhood, and was recently featured in a toast at my wedding! I’m giving everyone wedding photos and tins of Hu-Kwa for Christmas!” -RA
"I have purchased teas from Mark T. Wendell for several years. The product is fresh, the service is great, and all of my purchases have been excellent transactions.” -LM
"I have purchased tea and supplies from this company for years, and I’ve never been disappointed in any way in either the products or the service.” -LJK
"I wish it was possible to send ‘hugs’ by email! Please, all of you at Mark T. Wendell Tea Company, consider yourselves ‘hugged’! I ordered my tea from you at your web site on the morning of January 14. It was delivered to me by UPS, the next morning, the 15th, in time for breakfast! You now have a permanent customer for your fine tea.” -PN
"Products were as represented and delivered promptly. A company that takes such care in packaging and shipping obviously cares about the entire purchasing experience!” -LH
"Always the best products on the market for serious tea lovers.” -HL
"Have always had total satisfaction with tea and service from Mark T. Wendell. Perfect.” -LPA
"Best tea company on earth; I’ve been a customer for 17 years.” -PGS
"As always this was a perfect on-line purchasing experience. I wish all companies were as good as Mark T. Wendell.” -LM
"A thoroughly customer-oriented service that provides consistently excellent quality teas.” -BD