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Review by Kathy
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I love this tea. This is my favourite tea. My husband and I drink it everyday. This is a really nice blend. I love Earl Grey but this is more subtle but full body with the black tea mix.
(Posted on 10/29/2017)
Review by M. Smith
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I do drink many other teas. But if I only were to have just one tea, this would be it. It has a full body and the bergamot is only subtly in the mix. The tea has notes of Darjeeling with the heavier notes of Assam. It is a wonderfully blanched flavor and aroma. It was looking for Indar to that brought me to Mark T Wendell who have provided me with this and many other new favorite teas for several decades since.
Original Review Submitted: 3/12/16 (Posted on 10/25/2017)

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Indar 8.75 oz. Loose Tea Tin

Imported from France, this special Boudoir blend was created in Odessa, Russia in 1887. A favorite for generations, Indar is an uplifting blend of select black teas from Ceylon, Assam and Darjeeling, delicately scented with oil of Bergamot to produce a superb cup.

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