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Review by M. Tausig
Overall Character
HU-KWA. I originally ordered this tea as a "test drive", being curious about the "smoke" flavor described in the item description on the website. I have NEVER enjoyed flavored teas (i.e. Teas flavored with secondary aromas or infusions of fruit or tannin) and have long-enjoyed earthy, natural teas (toasted rice green teas among the favorites).

When my initial order of Hu-Kwa tea arrived, I was taken-aback by the extremely pungent, smoky aroma. The aroma was akin to day-old burned logs, bordering on over-powering. Nonetheless, I brewed my first cup and was ASTONISHED at the outcome. The first sip laid to rest any worry I had - IT WAS AMAZING! As with any lapsang souchong tea, the smoky flavor should serve only to complement the natural earthiness of the tea. This tea not only follows that rubric, it defines it. Before even touching my lips, the aroma permeated my palate, setting up a wonderful first sip.

The first taste of the tea was not unlike any other nice black tea, but very quickly turned in to something else. As the brew rested momentarily on my palate, the (very) light tanins awoke my taste buds with the start of the smoky finish, and as I swallowed I was greatly surprised that the start of the smoky flavor was also, nearly, the end. The pine-aroma was ever-so-light, and finished beautifully, as merely a complement to the medium-bodied, earthy brew.

I enjoy this tea many times a day, and find that the medium to strong body is extremely satisfying. The most difficult part is that a single 8-12oz cup is never enough. Although brewing time is paramount in all tea steeping, this tea becomes tannic VERY quickly, if steeped longer than 5-5:30 minutes. My preference is on the less tannic side, so I always use a timer. I also recommend steeping with a lid, as the aromatic qualities benefit greatly. (Posted on 10/26/2017)
Review by A. Moffat
Overall Character
Hu-Kwa is my favorite always. It is full of memories as well as flavor. I am addicted. My late husband's family, ancestors, traded with Houqua, and we donated a portrait of the ship in a storm to the Peabody museum some years ago. It was one of 3 portraits of the ship, I think. My father-in-law named a yacht many, many years ago "The Houqua". No longer in the yacht owning stratum of society but I really enjoy the tea! Glad that you continue to provide it. Original Review Submitted: 11/9/10 (Posted on 10/26/2017)
Review by F. Hecht
Overall Character
Hu-Kwa is, like all teas, an individual taste. For folks who like smoky teas, and I do, Hu-Kwa is a classic that I have enjoyed for several decades. It is mellower than most lapsang souchong teas. Original Review Submitted: 4/7/09 (Posted on 10/26/2017)

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HU-KWA Tea - 4 oz. Tin

This size of Hu-Kwa Tea is packed in a small hinged lid gold tin adorned with a black, gold and red label. Product description and brewing instructions are printed on the back label.

Brewing Suggestions

In order to enjoy the unique flavor of your HU-KWA Tea, we recommend brewing using the instructions perfected by Mr. Wendell! Firstly, bring cold, filtered water to a rolling boil (205-212° F). Using one rounded teaspoon of loose tea or one teabag for each cup required, pour the boiling water over the tea leaves. Allow your HU-KWA Tea to steep for 5-5 ½ minutes. Stir, and let the tea settle for about one-half minute. Once the ideal brewing time has been reached, the leaves should be removed to prevent further steeping. HU-KWA Tea is best appreciated when drunk clear. Milk or too much sugar compromises its delicate flavor. A little cream goes well but sugar should be used sparingly.

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