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13.5 oz Finum Tea Control Teapot

Designed by Finum, the Tea Control range of teapots is the simple, yet unique way to brew your cup of tea. Comprised of heat-resistant Borosilicate glass and a BPA-free copolyester filter insert, this teapot allows you to enjoy your hot tea for up to 60 minutes, without removing the tea leaves after brewing.
The Finum Tea Control Tea Pot

The Tea Control’s “brew-stop” filter design allows you to stop the brewing process by simply turning the lid top to trap the leaves away from the water. The design of these teapots is so unique that it was recently added to the Permanent Design Collection of the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe and sold with an easy to read instruction manual, the Tea Control is the ideal teapot for tea novice and connoisseur alike.

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