Iced Tea Blends

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Many teas make great iced teas when brewed and chilled. We have created a few unique tasting tea blends that have a crisp, clean taste when poured over ice. These blends have also been crafted to produce a clear presentation when viewed through a glass.

Brewing Iced Teas: To make a great tasting glass of iced tea, brew one quart of cold, filtered water for every 6 tea bags or 6 teaspoons of loose tea used. Remember that you make iced tea stronger than regular hot tea to compensate for ice dilution. Once the water has come to a boil, pour it directly over the tea and steep for 3 minutes (green teas) or 5 minutes (black teas). Remove the teabags or strain the loose tea out of the teapot. Let the brewed tea cool down to room temperature before adding ice. Chilling the tea after it has cooled helps keep the brew’s appearance clear. If your chilled glass of iced tea clouds, try slicing some citrus fruit and adding it to the glass. Since they make a nice garnish, many iced tea drinkers will add lemons, limes, oranges and even grapefruit slices. These fruits are high in acid and will help balance the tea’s PH level, thus making it visually clearer. If tea clouds immediately following brewing, lower the water’s brewing temperature.

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