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Featured Selection: Dragonwell Green Tea

Dragonwell Green Tea from Mark T. Wendell Tea Company.


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There are hundreds of different types and grades of Chinese green teas, but only one has earned the accolades of tea drinkers worldwide, earning its reputation as the most prized and best known green tea. This highly sought after green tea is known as Longjing and is more commonly known as Dragonwell.

Green teas are all processed in a similar manner, but taste and leaf appearance differ from tea to tea, depending upon the growing regions in which they originate. Longjing is cultivated in the Hangzhou region, which was at one time the ancient capital of the Song Dynasty. This region’s numerous lakes have helped in creating this tea’s special taste, as well as its modern name, Dragonwell. A centuries old myth tells the tale of a large Dragon which inhabited the lake region and lived in the caves and wells of the Tiger Run Spring. At this spring, the Qing dynasty Emperor K’ang-his came to drink tea which was made using the spring water and the year’s first leaves from the tea plants which grew around the spring. He found the liquor of his drink to be sweet and delicious. He then decreed that the eighteen oldest tea plants were thence forth reserved to provide Tribute Tea exclusively for the Emperor’s pleasure.

In modern times, Dragonwell lives up to its legend. In China it is praised for its “four uniques”: jade color, vegetative aroma, mellow chestnutty flavor and singular flat leaf shape. We are proud to import the highest quality Dragonwell available. Each pound of this tea consists of thirty thousand hand-plucked young shoots, grown near the ancient Tiger Run Spring. Once the leaves are allowed to wither, they are then fired in a hot wok. The tea maker then uses his hands to flatten the leaf for about fifteen minutes. After cooling off for an hour, the leaf is returned to the wok for a shorter period at a lower temperature and is then packed by hand. Once you try this special green tea, you will see why the legend of Dragonwell has lasted for centuries.

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The New Tea Lover’s Treasury, by James Norwood Pratt,
PTA Publishing, San Francisco, CA; 1999

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