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Herbal & Fruit Tisanes

Herbal & Fruit Tisanes

Welcome to our Herbal & Fruit Tisane Selections

Herbal & Fruit Tisanes are comprised of herbs, dried fruit pieces, spices and flavorings. Since this style of "tea" does not contain the traditional tea leaves of the Camellia Senensis plant, they are naturally caffeine free. Herbal & Fruit tisanes come in many unique flavor profiles and have become a popular beverage to those who need a caffeine free alternative to traditional teas. 

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Herbal & Fruit Tisanes

Ayurvedic Herbal Blend Pyramid Teabags

Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine native to India, and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine. The Five Great Elements of Hinduism associated with Ayurveda are Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space. These Ayurvedic herbal teabags are made with a combination of various herbs and spices that have the best effect of the five different elements on the human body.

Herbal & Fruit Tisanes from Heath & Heather

British herbal specialists Samuel and James Ryder established Heath & Heather in 1920. Together they wrote books and lectured throughout the country on herbs and their benefits. Today, Heath & Heather still has a strong heritage as herbal experts with each infusion blended using only carefully selected ingredients that do not contain any artificial flavors, preservatives or added coloring. This results in a tempting variety of herbals bursting with pure taste and nothing else. Now available in several exciting new blends, all Heath & Heather Herbal Infusions are caffeine-free and gluten-free.

Herbal & Fruit Tisanes from London Fruit & Herb

This English tea firm has been creating great tasting fruit infused tea blends for decades and has a great following in Great Britain. Due to pioneering technology, their teas contain real concentrated fruit juices. Bursting with fruit flavor, these blends really taste as good as they smell. They come in a wide selection of flavors, including variety packs for multiple flavor sampling. London Fruit and Herb Company herbal and fruit tea offerings are caffeine-free and gluten-free. The green and white tea offerings do contain caffeine as they are blended with pure tea leaves.

Herbal Guayusa from Runa

For thousands of years, communities throughout the Amazon have cultivated the Guayusa (why-YOU-sah) leaf for a natural, delicious source of energy and nutrition. Guayusa contains caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. Every harvest, local farmers hand-pick Guayusa leaves from the rich soil under the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. Each great tasting flavor is 100% organic, naturally smooth and balanced. With Runa’s focus on fair trade pricing and Amazon reforestation projects, you can feel good about rejuvenating with these unique herbal tea selections.