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Organic Teas & Tisanes

Organic Teas & Tisanes

Welcome to our Organic Tea & Tisane Selections

Organic Teas and Herbal Tisanes are grown without any unnatural enhancements on certified estates. Although the tea plant itself is naturally resistant to leaf eating insects, the products listed in this section have been certified by their originating countries of origin, as well as the USDA. Since organic certification can take a tremendous amount of field down time and financial burdens on smaller tea growers, we have selected a few popular teas and tisanes to offer in this section. 

Brewing Suggestions

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Additional Organic Teas & Tisanes

Organic Teas from Foojoy

We are proud to offer this premium line of rare teas. Selected for their flavor, exquisite leaf form, and good value, these teas are produced in very small quantities each season. Each tea comes direct from its origin garden, assuring freshness. This line is not usually found outside select Asian markets. Our selection of loose teas from Foojoy features vacuum-sealed, resealable tins wrapped in labels which depict the contents of each tin.

Organic Guayusa from Runa

For thousands of years, communities throughout the Amazon have cultivated the Guayusa (why-YOU-sah) leaf for a natural, delicious source of energy and nutrition. Guayusa contains caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. Every harvest, local farmers hand-pick Guayusa leaves from the rich soil under the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. Each great tasting flavor is 100% organic, naturally smooth and balanced. With Runa’s focus on fair trade pricing and Amazon reforestation projects, you can feel good about rejuvenating with these unique herbal tea selections.

Organic Teas from Williamson Tea

These attractive Elephant Caddies are packed by Williamson Tea, a family owned business with over 140 years of experience in the art of growing, selecting and blending fine teas. Displaying an African Elephant, a symbol of this firm’s heritage, each colorful caddy contains round teabags of 100% natural Kenyan tea. Each variety is grown using sustainable farming methods at Williamson’s private estates, ensuring a superior Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified product. Each teabag is packed using only the finest tea buds and top two tea leaves, leaving a full flavor cup each and every time. These elegant tea caddies not only look good in your kitchen, but also make a great gift idea.