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Yellow Tea

Yellow Tea

Welcome to our Yellow Tea Selection

Yellow teas are unique to the high mountain regions of the Chinese provinces of Anhui, Hunan and Sichuan. Yellow tea varieties are manufactured by plucking the juiciest and most tender tea bud sets of the tea bush, basket-firing or pan-firing the leaves, smothering the leaves, and then finish-firing the batches. It is the smothering step that is unique to this tea, allowing a special flavor to develop. During the "sealing yellow" step, the lightly steamed leaf is removed from the heat source and covered with a cloth, encouraging the leaf to reabsorb its own aromatics and add a sweetness and fragrance to the leaf. An experienced tea master creates this unique hand crafted tea by constantly checking the tea’s smell, look and feel until it is just right. This craft is often passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, this type of tradition has been lost over the years, leading to lower product yield, essentially making this type of tea truly rare.

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