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Our Select Tea Gift Ideas

Our Select Tea Gift Ideas

There isn’t a better way to remember your family, friends, neighbors, business associates and newlyweds than with the traditional gift of tea. We have featured some of our more popular gift ideas below for your review.  

Our expertise in blending great tasting premium teas for over 110 years has allowed us to create a unique tea blend commemorating the joyous celebration of marriage. This uplifting blend of select black teas, orange peels, cornflower petals, safflowers, lavender and citrus essences makes the perfect customizable gift for the newlyweds or for your guests as a wedding favor.

In addition to these gift ideas, we now offer over 75 different loose, black, pu-erh, oolong, yellow, green, white, decaffeinated, organic and herbal teas, all carefully packaged in our attractive signature tins, as well as a fine selection of teapots, tea brewing accessories and a full range of popular packaged teas from around the world.